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Rod Mount

Rod Mount  | board mount  | Pleated

Rod Mount

Rod Mount Valance  use the straight fringe picture on this one
   The rod mounted valance can have rings or tabs to attach it to the rod. You can have a straight valance that is exactly your window width
or you can multiply the width x 1.5 and have a little fullness, there are examples of each in our photo gallery.  You can dress them up with
many different types of decoration and you can even have styles like the prairie swag done smaller as a valance.  Twisted fringe or straight or
no fringe at all the rod mounted swag is a plus for any room.  We have rods for these in the hardware section of our web site.





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!!! Please Note that our leather is 100% deer skin. It will fade if subjected to sunlight. All hides have holes and imperfections. This is a natural occurrance with wild animals. The holes are bullet holes. We avoid holes where ever we can and we patch the ones we cannot. Farm deer has no holes, but it cost more and comes in only a few colors unless you have it custom dyed which also cost more. If you are interested in custom dyed farm deer please call for a quote. There are no returns on custom orders! No exception. If we make a mistake we will correct it but not return it. Designers must inform their clients of this disclaimer! We will under no exceptions accept returns for holes or imperfections from your client because you did not inform them of these facts! Also, all wholesale orders must have an approved invoice before we start.